Hiking the Große Arnspitze

This past winter was good to skiers and snowboarders in Europe so hiking in the the alpine has had to wait until late spring. The heavy and late snows have made snowshoes a better choice for high passes. Not being a fan of snowshoes, I've spent the time running to stay in shape and eagerly awaited the melt.
 With a public holiday on the 9th (Ascension Day) falling on one of the first warm days of the year, Koeun and I shot to Mittenwald and it's neighbouring mountains, the Wettersteingebirge. Viewable from Mittenwald, the Große Arnspitze (2,196m)  and it's ridge straddle the border of Austria and Germany. The trail begins in Mittenwald  with a nice stroll along the Leutasch river and past the Leutascher Geisterklamm (The Luetasch Ghost Gorge). Very soon the trail starts uphill through a trail that is very hard to find.  Very little markings and a trail compltely covered by decomposing pine needles makes for a fun trail finding mission. After about an hour of this the trail becomes far more  distinguishable and leads you on a steep set of switchbacks that bring you near treelin and the amazing views at the Riedbergscharte.  Continueing along the ridge the views south east are stunning and soon the Große Arnspitze will come into view.  Don't be scared of it's vertical north facing walls as the trail will pass around the eastern side and reveal a much easier (though not easy) to climb rocky section on the south side.
Map: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zsOaErz4AeP8.kfHGRSs3OQBg

Neighbouring Peak
Looking North along the trail
Snow Hole
At the top of Große Arnspitze

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