January 2014: Power Trip 2

The Power Trip is 6 days of hard skiing followed by a night of equally hard drinking and Power Trip 2 proved to be no exception. We began in Niseko with an excited Yuya and sunny skies. My five guests (4 Swiss skiers, Pijus, Chris, Bruno and Lukas, and their new British friend from Innsbruck, Matt) and I spent the day hiking the Annupuri peak and trying to get as many laps on the infamous back bowls as possible. The day began with clear skies but ended with typical snowpocalypse weather which prompted me to leave my camera at home so all I have from the day is a before and after shot of the guys. Smiles in the morning, monster smiles in the evening.


Kiroro beckoned us with snowfall reports that were uncharacteristically low for a resort website. Their 15cm of new reported new report turned into real life chest deep powder. All you could do was drop in and point your skiis downhill, turns were a disastrous move that prompted a minimum five minutes of digging yourself out the hole you had just made. But, that was exactly why these guys came to Hokkaido; the bottomless pow. Cliffs were jumped, turns were made and tips were buried.

After packing ourselves into the bus with Jamie Dalziel behind the wheels, we rocked straight for Central Hokkaido. Ular was looking out for us and we had great snow the entire time. Cliff side onsens, drops off rusty old lifts and flame broiled ribs were just a few of the highlights of the trip.

I've noticed that most of the guests from Europe are much mor elikely to ride with helmets and Air Bags. This group was no different. Designed to provide an extra element of safety when caught in an avalanche, they also have an unintended use, comedy. While skiing the trees Chris got a little too aggressive, hip checked a Birch and inadvertantly set off his Snow Pulse. He was never in danger, but damn it was funny.


While on doing a little exploration we came across this abandoned old ski lift. Chris and Lukas immediately raced to the top to try their luck dropping off of a man made feature. Lukas opted for the drop off the backside but Chris had something a little more elaborate in mind. He wanted to drop from the top of the lift engine to the operator's room and then ride away like a champion. Unfortunately, the snow had other things in mind and when Chris' ski hit the operator's hut, it stopped. It was a valiant effort but not a successful one.




Unfortunately, my camera had been acting up the entire trip and didn’t get to come out as much as I would have liked. It's received some TLC from Canon Sapporo and is back up and running to bring more photos to the web in these next coming weeks.  Until then, I hope you enjoy the shots and keep an eye out for future posts to come soon!




This is badass. Well shot and nicely scripted, Mr. Buck.

WOW.....photos are incredible....the trip must have been as well.....

Thanks for the love, Mom and Jon!