Lagazuoi to Cortina D'Ampezzo: 15.05.13

I woke to a light drizzle of rain on my tent.  I knew snow was expected, and actually hoped for it before I departed on this trip.  I've frequently subscribed to the idea that you should be careful what you wish for and today was no exception.  By 0900 large wet flakes were falling from the sky, making me and the dozen or so Chamois I saw wish we had warmer, drier shelter. As most of the day I was above 1,900m I was in the snow, but for my final descent to Cortina D'Ampezzo I dropped far below that. The snow quickly turned to a downpour and by the time I reached town I looked like I had swum to the train station.  The remaining suds the washing machine had left in my socks were frothing in my boots and every digit looked like a prune.  When I finally got on the train the conductor kindly gave me my own section to dry out in.  I guess he figured noone would want to sit with a wet dog for the trip back to Munich.  What did I care?  My mission was accompished, I'd hiked the Dolomites without seeing anyone but a snake, some chamois and an amazing sunset on the Dolomites.  With a belly full of Italian espresso and a Chinotto in hand I drifted off to sleep and Munich.  Mission Accomplished.