Rusutsu Sidecountry 7.1.14

Winter is in full effect in Hokkaido. I stepped right off the plane and got waist deep with my first guests and haven't looked back. Today, I went with a group of five great riders from Norway on Black Diamond Tours newest trip, Rusutsu Sidecountry. Splitboards, Snowshoes and backflips. It was a great day with Frode, Henning and Henning, Christian and Snorre.









Hi Hayden Great photos! Do you have more of them? As we are a group of "non thirsty" guys, we will leave a case of beer at BD-Tours for you. Could you email, use dropbox or put them out here, if you have any we can have? Email: Best Regards H, H, F, S & C

Hi Hayden Thanks for great pictures! Did you have more? I saw som nice ones from the pillow, on the other side? We have some beers we will leave at BD Tours before we leave tomorrow, as a small payment:) H, H, F, S & C