Schliersee to Tegernsee

Spring is definitely in the air, although you wouldn't know it today. The Eisheiligen, several days in May when it is believed the Ice Saints Mamertus, Pancras, Servatius, Bonifatius and Sophie  have their feast bringing chilly weather with them, is in full swing.  You wouldn't be blamed for wearing a down jacket out on the town today.
Last week on labor day, my wife and I accompanied our good friend JPDubs aka Paul on a hike through the Bavarian Alps. We planned to hike from Lake Schliersee through Neureuth and down to the shores of Lake Tegernsee. It's one of the busiest routes near Munich but the season was still young and the path low enough that we knew we wouldn't be running into any of the April snows.

We had a lazy start to the day, meeting at Munich's Main Station for a 12 O'Clock BOB train to Schliersee. B.O.B stands for Bayerische Oberlandbahn, one of the regional tain lines in Bavaria and services Bayerischzell, Tegernsee, and Lenggries.  It's usually jam packed with people headed for the mountains to get some fresh air and get away from the city but since we had a lazy start to the day we had our choice of seats on the train. An hour or so of trying to recollect what happened while we drank liter beers the night before and we were on the shores of Schliersee and beginning our first hike of spring. Our route took us around the Northern tip of the lake before heading uphill on a dirt road and enjoying the first signs of Spring.

The weather was beautiful for our first day in the hills. The sun was out and we were comfortable in just t-shirts for most of the time. There were a lot of peope on the mountain, but it was never so busy that it felt crowded.  Everyone was out getting their first mountaineous exercise for the year. Hikers, walkers, and amblers, children and mountain bikers were all over enjoying the first warm sunshine of the year.

After around an hour of hiking along a gravel road we then turned on to some well worn paths in the forest. We found ourselves at the Kreuzberg Alm. A mountain hut that was first built in 1738 and is usually our first stop of the day. Unfortunately, it was far too early in the season for the Kreuzberg Alm to be open so we had to live without our usual cup of coffee and instead pulled out our emergency rations of Ritter Sport chocolate and a couple of bretzen.
Off we went, frolicking over the mountains to Neureuth where we did as everyone does in Bavaria, coffe and cake, and beer!
After celebrating our half day expedition we walked the mellow 45 minutes down the path to Tegernsee, the home of Tegernsee Beer and a great place for Obatzda.