The Emerald City: Seattle. I've driven past it countless times on the I-5 freeway but never pulled off to see if all the good reports were true.  Fortunately, the cheapest flights for our most recent North American trip took us through Seattle.  It was the perfect opportunity to spend a few days here and experience what the town had to offer.  Equally as notorious as Vancouver for it's rain, Seattle blessed us with warm Indian summer days for all but our last morning in town. 
Like all good tourists in Seattle, we went straight for Pike Place Market.  It is renowned for it's fish throwing and being the neighbor of the first Starbucks shop, ever. Don't expect any Starbuck's photos though, as there was an ever present line-up from opening to closing.  I had a look through the window and there was absolutely nothing special to see.  So, on to the market.

Though my shutter finger was to slow for flying fish, the fish on ice waited nicely for me to take their mug shots. Monk fish, shrimp, Halibut, Alaskan crab and more were available. Possibly the best food we ate in Seattle, clam chowder, is at Pike Place Chowder. Be warned, it's not actually in Pike Place but across the street in a small alley.
Neon signs abound in and outside Pike Place.
Walk further down the hall and and the market takes on a entirely different color: natural. Flower stalls stretch as far as the eyes can see and provide an unbelievably stark contrast to the fish and neon from before.
One of Seattle's other site seeing mainstays is The EMP Museum (The Experience Music Project). I have met absolutely no one who has been here and not raved about it so it sat squarely in position #2 of our hit list of things to do in Seattle. Unfortunately, checking opening hours was #97 on our hit list and we arrived with a mere 15 minutes left to closing time.
Experience Music Project Museum
Early in the day I got the idea to look up sunset locations. When I found a few shots from Kerry Park I thought I had hit the jackpot.  We went to the park early and enjoyed a few minutes of alone time before the hoardes of peole with the same idea showed up.
Typical Seattle Shot
Fortunately I looked to the ground by my feet, and not just at the skyline to lament the clouds blocking my view of Mt. Rainier.  Sitting right in fron tof us were these small wildflowers, and everyone was ignoring them. I grabbed my flash and nabbed this shot for a slightly different angle on the Seattle skyline.
Flowering Skyline of Seattle
One of Seattle's other famous spots is the Market Theater Gum Wall. Covered in second hand chewing gum, the tradition of plastering the wall in Double Bubble started in 1991 when theter patrons stuck their gum there rather than continue to chew in the theater. I wonder if they had planned to resume chewing after the show?
The Market Theater Gum Wall
With the shops closed, our bellies full of Mexican food, and the night still young we needed somewhere to have a beer. With advice from good friends on Facebook we went to Belltown to visit  Shorty's. A three roomed bar, Shorty's unique draw is the plethora of pinball machines in the back room. Unbeknownst to me, my wife had never played pinball before!  So, quarter's flowed as easily as the beer and we capped off our trip to Seattle in style. To those who are thinking of going to Shorty's, you will be asked for id at the door. A foreign language driver's license won't cut it. I was denied entrance with my German driver's license that states I am 35. 
Shorty's Pinball
Thanks Seattle, hopefully we will see you again soon!
Woops!  Missed one:


that photo of the bar with the guys in the foreground is trippy

I keep looking at the farther of the two guys and try to figure out if he has a crazy hairdo or a tat on his head... I was there and I don't even know.