Sunset tours in the Allgäu

During the warmer months I work for a company in the German Allgäu area called Sprachcamp Allgäu. It’s an outdoor adventure and language school where we take 12 to 16 year olds in to the mountains on overnight hut trips, go rock climbing, and have a whole lot of fun all while reinforcing their English. One perk of working for this company is the owner, Katrin, is a local backcountry skier. On two of the days this past Easter camp we wrapped up lessons in the afternoon and took advantage of the late afternoon sun. Katrin, having lived in the area for many years knows quite a few of the good spots. Our first tour found us aiming for the Wertacherhörnle. Shaking out the rust in our legs, dark clouds rolled in above our fresh lines in the trees so I packed away the camera so we could ski fresh lines in the dark.


On the second Katrin she took me to a small Austrian town called Schattwald (shadow forest).  We parked at the bottom of the Wannenjoch Bahn, part of the Tannheimer Ski area, and begun touring alongside a small creek that required a few transitions. 

The climb was nice and relaxed with a well set skin track for us to follow and arrived at our drop point just below the Bschießer, in time for an amazing sunset. 

On our way up we noticed a lone Chamoix that watched us from a distance. I was sure it was thinking, “ when will the snow be gone?” while we were thinking, “can’t the snow stay a little longer?” We watched the sun set, transitioned to downhill mode and dropped in to first tracks on Easter Sunday at 8pm. I lead the first pitch (and did an amazing tomohawk right back to my feet) and as I turned around part way to watch Katrin ski I noticed that the whole Chamoix herd had gathered on the peak and were watching our Easter turns. Perhaps the Chamoix was a skier in a previous life and was actually hoping for the snow to stay longer...

Our route finally brought us back to the Tannheimer Ski Area where we rode rock hard groomers back to civilsation while enjoying Easter twilight.

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