Vancouver + Deep Cove

After spending ten days in the wild I took a Greyhound bus overnight to Vancouver to meet back up with my wife and spend some time with my mainland family members (sorry Cheryl) and friends.  Vancouver has exploded upward since I last lived in the lower mainland, 11 years ago. It felt like a maze of skyrises ever extending their steely fingers towards the sky. The only real dissapointment was when I looked towards the North Shore of Vancouver and saw what was once green mountain sides becoming suburbia.  Progress can't be stopped.
False Creek
After carrying a pack with me all day everyday, it seems I built some kind of allergy to my camera and brough tit absolutely nowhere in Vancouver, and when I did, I couldn't find the shutter. Of the 5 days I was in Vancouver, I only took photos on one.  We start of with a shot from False Creek in front of the Go Fish Ocean Emporium. Amazing Fish Tacos and Salmon burgers to help along your metabolism. REally, all we did in Vancouver was take the Sea Bus and eat.  A lot of fish. Sushi and Fish Tacos for days. Throw in a Burger ot two and the holiday punds packed on.
Lynn Canyon Bridge
The one day I did bring along my camera and remembered to use it we went for a walk along the Baden Powell trail from the Lynn Valley to Deep Cove.  Starting with a crossing of the Lynn Valley Suspension bridge the trail snakes past old growth forest, smal creeks and some of the world's best trails.  Stretched Over 12km, the trail only has a gain of 420m so it makes for quite a leasurely walk in the park, pun intended.
A decaying stump gets a blast of sun

Textures of the Forest
                                                                Deep Cove