Skiing friends. They almost always turn into life long friends, able to pick up where you left off at a moments notice and always down to ascend another peak. Yet, not all skiing friends are the same. Some are taller, some I've been told smell like patchouli, while others are totally covered in fur. 


This is Wentworth, the most notorious Patterdale Terrior in Engelberg, and perhaps the Alps. There are rumours he did the Titlis Rundtour in under 4 hours, rode Galtiberg 12 times before lunch, and can down a dog bowl of Schnapps in under 5 seconds. He is more Gnar than your favorite pro. I can attest to his awesomeness, having seen him nearly rip a persons arm off faster than a Wookie playing Dejarik for trying to steal said Schnapps. Oh, and I've ski toured with him up Wissberg, his local mountain. 

                                                                      Wissberg, Flühalp

Wissberg is a 2,627 m peak that is split by the Cantons of Uri and Obwalden. To get there you have to head to the end of the Engelbergertal and take the Fürenalp Gondola to 1,845m. From there it is a straightforward tour up the 782m to the summit. The incline increases steadily throughout the tour and little ol' Wentworth did the whole thing, without missing a beat. Also bear in mind, Wentworth is blind. 


Wentworth is one tough little dude. He lead the way the entire time, except for switchbacks. He had no need for them.


We met a Niedwalder at the summit who was relaxing, smoking his pipe and enjoying the view and what a view it was! It's ashame Wentworth couldn't enjoy it. Lee and I told him all about it. 


Here's Wentworth in some of his various modes of transport. On the left is wentworht on the loose. In the middle shot is his preferred method of descent and in the right photo you can just barely see Wentworth at the botom of the shot on descent under the watchful eye fo the Titlis. 


After the tour we pulled up right next to the Fürenalp Valley station and enjoyed some of Switzerland's finest sausages. Like many small mountain towns there are public use BBQ's that are stocked to the brim with wood. We were also joined by Guido who brought amazing steak, Stella who brought amazing company and then Miguel, who brought amazing beer, longboarded from Engelberg town in the dark! Legends, all of them. 

Rest assured, Wentworth also enjoyed the steak.


I began this blog knowing I didn't have epic ski shots, but Iknew I wanted to blog about Wissberg. As soon as I started writing I focused in on Wentworth. Hes such an awesome little dog, just like his owners. Thanks for a wicked awesome day Lee, Wentworth, Guido, Stella, Miguel and Wentworth. 


Beautiful photos and words. Nice!

Thanks Erica, I am glad you enjoyed the story

Hello!, I am visiting your site third time to see more of your exciting posts. I found this which I have thought about and simply had to coÂím‚ment a huge thank you for all your effort. Please continue the great work your doing!

Thanks for reminding me of this awesome day on the mountain with you and Wentworth. Loved our time in the mountains with you Hayden . Wentworth says thanks you are a legend. X

Lee! It was an awesome day, let's get some more in real soon.

What a lovely story.. I read it to his nephew and niece on Christmas Eve , they love looking at Stella and Lees Pics and reading about their adventures do thank you xx

Emma, I'm glad you and your son enjoyed the story and pics. For it to have been on Xmas eve makes it even more special! Hopefully I get to head back to Engleberg and give you another story soon!

What a beautifully written blog about mans best friend

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment, Kim!

Great little woo, great son as well. Not at all biased ,.

Judging by your last name there is no way you could be biased! I hope you enjoyed the read and photos Janet!