A lot of times when we ski, our goals are about the superlatives. What's the most verticle we can get in a day? What's the fastest I can get up the mountian in order to get back down the fastest? Do I need fattest skis in order to shred the deepest powder? Why do a one day traverse when I could do a four day traverse? If I'm doing that, perhaps I need the lighest bag.


I haven’t owned a vehicle for nearly 13 years, not since I left Canada for Japan, and I rarely miss owning a car. When I do miss having a car is Spring, when getting to glacier ski touring from Munich is almost impossible on public transport. Fortunately, my good friend and fellow Black Diamond guide, Jakub, has a car and spends spring in Austria ski touring. Even more fortunate for me, was that Jakub was gracious enough to swing through Munich on his way to Innsbruck a few day back.